What is VoIP

VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. If you have a reasonable/reliable internet connection (Central IT Broadband) then you can get phone service delivered through your internet connection instead of your local phone company.

Why use VoIP?

There are two major reasons to use VOIP

1. Lower Cost

2. Increased functionality

Why choose VoIP?

Central IT installs, manages, and supports low cost VoIP phone systems for our customers nationwide, and are already saving monthly expenditure on BT based systems. Reduce your outgoing and enjoy the many extra features that VoIP has to offer.

VoIP Phone Support

We can provide help and advice/support for any 'flavour' of Asterisk that you are using for your VoIP phone system. We have many years’ experience installing and configuring Open Source VoIP. We have a lot of experience securing Asterisk against toll fraud, and unauthorised access of the system.

We can also provide the connectivity for any size of Asterisk or general VoIP installation with our ADSL or leased line offerings. We can set up QoS for VoIP to optimise the internet connection, prioritising VoIP traffic.


For more information, please contact our sales team.


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