Here at Central IT, we pride ourselves on being a professional and friendly bunch. We strive to deliver excellent service and attention to detail. With everyone at Central IT, we have just under 60 years of combined experience within the IT industry. We are always looking to offer our clients the best advice, service, and products in the most cost-effective way. Read on for more about us at Central IT!

Central IT was founded in 2003 by Ian Banks with the intentions of being different to other IT Support companies. Ian focused being more friendly, approachable, and to actually listen to what our clients require and need.

We are a Microsoft Certified Partner and Small Business Specialist. Our competencies include, Midmarket Solutions Provider, and Network Solutions. We are a Sage Reseller and have vast experience with Sage50 and Sage Payroll products. In addition, we also specialise in structured network cabling installations, VoIP, and CCTV systems. Our expertise enables us to seamlessly support single Small Office/Home Office environment, to medium sized businesses with 200+ users. As well as Microsoft and Sage solutions, we also offer support for Cisco, Linux, and many more. Please contact us if you have any special requirements for an informal chat.

Meet the Team

Name: Ian Banks

Job Title: Director

Contact Details:

Experience / Qualifications:

Having 30 years’ experience within the IT and communications industry, I feel experience is key to solving any problem and giving the very best advice possible. At Central IT, I encourage a more friendly yet highly professional approach to how Central IT deals with its clients. I believe the mould has been broken with Central IT on how stereotypical IT support companies are more commonly portrayed.

Over the years, I’ve become a Microsoft MCSE certified professional and a Sage50 and Sage Payroll specialist. I’ve acquired vast experience in almost every server and desktop operating system, and everything IT and pride myself on helping businesses achieve their work goals by enhancing productivity and ultimately saving them money.

Favourite Quote:

Have you switched it off and on again?

Name: Neil Copeland

Job Title: ICT Support Manager

Contact Details:

Experience / Qualifications:

With 25 years’ experience of all things IT and communications, I have gained vast experience and knowledge of every aspect of IT. I have worked at two IT Support companies in my career (one of which I am still at – Central IT) – doing a very similar role which involved both in-house and on-site work ranging from basic single PC’s to complicated large corporate infrastructures.

I have various skills and became Microsoft Certified. I have experience in every server, desktop and portable device operating system as well as CCTV and large scale structured network cabling, basically if its out there then the chances are I have had to troubleshoot it at some point.

I have been here at Central IT since 2007 and worked with Ian (The guy above me on this page) since leaving school. Ian and I have been through many brain teasing situations together (but not 1 of them has beat us). Central IT are a great team and it’s a pleasure to work in such a great environment where things are constantly changing.

Favourite Quote:

A day without laughter is a day wasted.

Name: George Brokenshire


Job Title: ICT Support Technician


Contact Details:  

Experience / Qualifications:

I have 10 years’ experience in IT support, performing different levels of support from 1st to 3rd line.

I am a highly enthusiastic, pleasant and friendly individual and I’m always eager to learn new skills.  I intend on using my experience and skill set to help Central IT become even more efficient at servicing their clients which I hear will be no mean feat due to the already high level of service Central IT provide.

I have already gained lots of knowledge and had a multitude of experience with every aspect of IT and IT Support which is key in my performance here at Central IT.

My role at Central IT is very challenging and very exciting with a lot of variety! However this challenge is one that I am more than up for! 

Favourite Quote:

If it’s not Broken(shire) don’t fix it!  

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