Business Internet Solutions

It’s never been more important for your business to have a fast and reliable internet connection. Central IT recognise this and have partnered with key regional Internet Service Providers. This allows for variation of connectivity and fault tolerance. In addition, it also helps to offer rapid support for any connectivity issues.

Being partners with these providers gives us direct access to their support desks, allowing for fast and effective support. As a result, this minimises potential downtime and allows you to achieve your business critical goals. In the event of a fault, we guarantee you can talk to one of our IT engineers for support. No one wants to be on hold with BT for an hour.

Need a business connection? You’re in the right place! Please see our connection types below. For more information on what is available in your area, please contact us and we will get your connection sorted.

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Connectivity Options:

FTTPoD - Fibre to the Premises on Demand

This connection is direct to your building and has a low monthly cost solution. We are partners to the Gigabit voucher scheme – which means we can get £2,500 (inc VAT) off the installation cost. The line is physically fitted by BT, but is supported and maintained by us. This is the favourable solution for small to medium sized businesses looking for high speed for the lowest monthly cost.

EFM/Copper Leased Lines (Ethernet First Mile)

EFM gives you one of the highest grade data connectivity services currently available in the UK. EFM uses bonded copper pairs to deliver Ethernet (leased-line) connectivity over copper rather than fibre. This service offers fast, reliable connectivity. In addition, it has the added resilience that if there is a fault with one pair of copper pairs, connectivity will be retained on the others. This is similar to a fibre leased-line but for a fraction of the cost. It also comes with similar grade support to ensure and guarantee up-time.

FTTC - Fibre to the Cabinet

Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) is one of two ways in which next-gen fibre optic broadband is being delivered to homes and businesses. FTTC, in a nutshell, is much easier and cheaper to deliver en masse than its counterpart FTTP (Fibre to the Premises). This is the preferred low cost solution for businesses and homes if it is available. The reasons being that it delivers high speeds with low cost outlays.

SDSL (Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line)

SDSL provides symmetrical, fully uncontended connectivity for a fixed fee. This means the download and upload speeds are the same, and you don’t share with anyone else. There’s also unbeatable customer support. This all comes from the most extensive SDSL network in the UK. Our business SDSL is ideal for small businesses with sophisticated requirements. These requirements include: VoIP, centralisation of systems and servers, high volume email usage, and multi-site networking.

ADSL/2+/AnnexM (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line)

Your upstream data speeds determine how much time it takes for everyday tasks, such as sending emails or sharing photos. As we share more of our lives (and photos!) with friends and family on the Internet, we place higher demands on our upstream speeds. ADSL is usually the preferred solution if fibre is not available. This is because the cost is similar, but ADSL provides far less performance.

Higher upstream speeds are also good for businesses. They allow you to send files to clients or other offices faster. Better upload speeds also improve video conferencing quality and help staff working from home.

Annex M

Annex M allows dramatic increases in upstream data speeds. Real world speeds are usually around 1.6 to 2.2 Mbps. You can achieve up to twice as fast as standard ADSL2+.

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