As professionals in the IT industry, Central IT have gained experience within all sectors of IT/Communications, including CCTV and Surveillance. We can cater for both domestic and commercial environments. We have adapted our vast on-site experience putting all of our expertise and skills into supplying, installing, and monitoring quality CCTV systems. This gives our customers piece of mind, helps protect premises, and prevent crime.

We can work with the police to prevent crime and with investigations so the client has a full backup and confidence in Central IT and its CCTV systems.

Systems installation and configuration

We tailor our systems depending on your exact requirements, from budget systems for basic viewing to high quality systems with 24×7 surveillance and ultra HD recordings. Central IT supply, install, and maintain your system as we have the expertise and experience in-house to provide everything you need from beginning to end. We will always provide the most cost effective solution that is right for you.

Installations by experts

We specialise in installing CCTV cameras and systems of the highest quality and definition. Our CCTV systems are installed by our experienced engineers who have many years of experience. Whether you need cameras and cables blending in to the surrounding area, or remote viewing setting up, we can do it all. 

Before any installations take place, an in depth and comprehensive site audit is conducted so we know exactly what you need. We can then devise the best, most secure system for your business. There will be no surprises when it comes to installation.

Maintenance and servicing

It doesn’t just stop at the installation. Every now and again your CCTV systems may need a little care and upkeep. We’re able to develop bespoke maintenance packages for all of the systems we install. You can be sure that your systems are running consistently, reliably, and are always attended to when needed.

Applications and uses

  • Protect equipment and construction sites against theft
  • Overlook site activity and schedules for effective time management
  • Protect your business during the day and during the night
  • Oversee and monitor production
  • Be alerted outside office hours via email with images if any motion is detected
  • Monitor large areas such as car parks
  • Deter potential thieves and vandals with the presence of CCTV
  • Observe reception or waiting areas
  • Allow customers to view live streams of your business activity
  • Monitor or record live video from your premises
  • Deter potential thieves by monitoring your property and possessions around your house
  • Check up on your home remotely using a PC or mobile phone
  • Keep an eye on elderly relatives or pets without having to be there in person
  • Keep an eye on children in another room or location
  • Protect your property during the day and during the night
  • Safeguard your driveway and other vulnerable areas
  • Monitor large or small areas using HD quality images to capture every minute detail
  • Get out of hours alerts if any motion is detected
  • Monitor or record live video from your business premises
  • Get quality images capable of identification for your shop safety
  • Monitor entrance to the shop to discourage thieves

Here are some photos of the installations and quality views that our engineers have implemented.