IT audit

An audit of your IT infrastructure is an essential business requirement. We know it’s important to keep tabs on all of your systems. For this reason, we offer Free IT Audits to businesses who want them, plus our existing clients get a yearly audit – completely free of charge. Central IT are not like other IT companies. We don’t want you to think an IT audit means you have to spend money. For us, it’s not about making new sales. Instead, we want to help your business build the suitable foundations for you to grow and succeed.

What's involved?

It’s a simple procedure, but stress free for you. We’ll have a visit out to your company’s site, and perform a comprehensive IT audit of your systems. This audit is completely cost free to you. We’re able to perform the IT Audit around you, on your watch. Once we’ve gathered all the information we require (of which some we may need a hand from yourself), we will then give you a copy of your personalised audit. The point of an audit is to get an idea of how your IT infrastructure works. If they’re not working, then why not, where things could be improved upon, or even where you could save money on. There’s a chance something’s not working, and you didn’t even know it.

How our audits help

Unless you’ve got all the information at hand already, an IT Audit can be a time consuming task, or requires a substantial investment in to auditing software. Here’s how we can help.

Help understanding your current IT setup

By getting to know your IT systems better, it can help make sense of all the different machines and devices, what’s suitable, and what could do with an upgrade or replacing. As IT professionals, we can go through the results with you so you’re not lost a long the way, and we can clear up any questions you may have and even make recommendations for you.

Solving performance issues

Through an IT Audit, you’re able to identify any existing issues, whether they’re known about or not. This could be due to poor optimisation, devices losing connectivity, or just generally slow performances from your servers or workstations.

Reduce IT issues

After having an IT Audit, discovering issues, ironing them out and optimising your systems, this helps to lessen the chance of future IT support issues. If all machines are running up to date and are patched correctly, and all systems are running identically across the company, this reduces the likelihood of any issues arising.

Cyber security

An IT Audit can help identify any weaknesses or loopholes in your IT infrastructure by revealing any machines which aren’t up to date with the latest anti-virus and security updates.

Achieve maximum performance

Having up to date IT systems can be a large investment, so naturally you’re going to want to get the maximum potential you can. The audit counts as the foundations upon which your systems can be improved in terms of efficiency and performance. 

Auditing procedure

1. Pre-audit meeting

A qualified senior member of our IT team will meet with you in order to gather an understanding of your company’s IT needs and a general overview of your IT infrastructure. During the meeting the team member will ensure that they fully comprehend your business, its needs, any history which could be relevant, and the reasons behind your current IT setup.

2. Executing the audit

After the meeting, our qualified team will then perform the audit itself (either on the day of the meeting, or at a later date convenient for you). All our team are more than qualified to compare your IT systems against the best industry standards. We have extensive knowledge and tools at our expense to ensure we can produce useful and accurate information regarding your IT infrastructure. 

3. Analysis of findings

After we have collated all the information and findings, we’ll then produce a comprehensive report and outline the position of your current IT infrastructure, pointing out any risks or flaws in your systems, and any potential improvements that could be made in the future. Through this analysis, we’re able to identify the efficiency and security of your systems, as well as if they’re performing to the levels that your business requires.


How an IT audit can save you money

After reviewing the findings of the audit, you’re able to make clear cut decisions on whether you deem it necessary to upgrade certain systems, and whether you can prune a few services or redundant machines which are just dead weight. This way you get the best out of your systems without having anything unnecessary clogging up your IT infrastructure, allowing your business to excel.

Have a question?

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