Your free IT audit

While an IT audit is not mandatory the benefits of doing one vastly outweigh any negatives. Central IT offer an IT audit service that is completely free of charge. Our engineers will perform this audit on-site with minimal disruption to you and your workforce.

For our customers, we perform an annual audit in the background all from our office with minimal interruptions. We look over your systems and make sure all is up to date and any recommendations will be passed on to you in the form of a yearly audit report.

What's involved?

Our Initial IT Audits do require a visit from one of our engineers, this gives us the ability to perform a full and comprehensive check of all IT systems on-site. While we are on-site we aim to work around you and acquire information from you about how you work and how things are set up. Every IT infrastructure is different so we try our utmost to gather all information to allow us to understand your set up.

Audits can be time-consuming from collecting data to collating it into a legible report, this is why Central IT do all of the hard work for you. Any information we gather is put together in a personalised report to help you understand your equipment, what areas you will need to look at, and any systems that require immediate attention.

How our audits can help you

Unless you already have all of the information to hand, IT Audits can be a time-consuming task or require expensive auditing software. Central IT can take care of this for you, for FREE.

Here are some of the major benefits of allowing us to audit your IT setup:

Understand your current IT setup

Highlight existing performance issues

Reduce IT problems and issues

Make sure you are secure and fully protected

Increase your business performance and efficiency

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