Networks & Cabling

The network cabling services we offer are constantly evolving. Due to the growth of many companies, they are recognising the importance of new technology and increased bandwidth speeds. Here at Central IT, we are more than happy to help implement any of your networking needs to help support the demands of a thriving business.

Here at Central IT, we’re able to cover the entire range of networking and cabling services for businesses, this includes:

We don’t propose change for the sake of it, so we carry out a cable & network audit, and a ‘health check’. This is to make sure your current cabling infrastructure and network are capable of meeting the requirements for the increasing demand for bandwidth. This will also ensure your network is able to be expanded and improved upon if necessary.

Whether your business has one network point or one hundred points, we’re able to tailor a solution to your individual needs.

As experts in IT and communication technology, we’re capable of supplying connectivity, firewalls, and filtering for email spam or Web access. We also provide security certificates and domain hosting services.


We can offer you our cabling services for the installation or expansion of either Cat5e, Cat6, or Fibre optic networks. We’re also able to work with telecoms companies to coordinate the installation of phone lines and fibre optic for both new and old builds. This lets us get the best possible internet connection for you.


Before any design starts, the initial step is to perform an on site audit in which we’ll be able to assess your exact requirements. We will then discuss the possible solutions we can provide you with. This could range from suggesting a few extra data points, or a completely overhauled network infrastructure. Visit our Free Audit page for more information!


After an audit is performed and solution has been agreed upon, the second stage is up to us to design the solution for you. We’ll do all the leg work and calculating detailed plans. This will include the most suitable type of cable, the amount needed, any extra hardware, and the associated costs.


After the design has been drawn up, it’s time to implement it. Whichever cable has been deemed most suitable to your requirements, we’ll have one of our experienced engineers install it on site. All cables that are installed will be terminated, tested, and labelled correctly. Our installations are planned to have minimum impact on your daily operations. We can even do jobs out of hours for your benefit.


Once the cabling has been installed, we can begin to install the network. We will acquire the best possible hardware for your bespoke needs, configure it off site, and then install it at your best convenience.


A business’ network is the backbone to the infrastructure, so we like to be proactive in maintaining your systems. This enables us to limit disruptions and potential performance reductions. Regular but necessary upgrades can help to reduce network outages. We always recommend staying on top of the maintenance and wellbeing of the network.