Tailored and bespoke support packages

Our tailored and bespoke It support package can be anything you want it too be. Whether you use a custom-built piece of software or a very particular bit of equipment that you need supported, Central IT can build a package that covers all of your companies’ specific requirements and needs.

With no hidden costs you can trust central IT to get the job done without having to worry about money, adding a fully qualified outsourced team of IT professionals to your workforce has never been easier. Whether it is to provide full management or your IT systems or unbiased technology advice, Central IT are here to help you.

 Unlimited remote support and unlimited onsite engineer support aren’t the only thing that are included in one of our support packages, there is a wide range of extra benefits to help with any situation you can think of.


Benefits provided in our Remote support and Onsite support package are included as standard. But our Tailored IT Support package includes bonus features such as:

Bespoke support processes and procedures to align with your requirements and processes.

Cover for absences of your own IT staff

100% tailored responses & lightning-fast resoltuion times

Would you like to know more?

If you would like to hear more about our bespoke IT support packages please get in touch via our contact page or email us by using the button below.