What are VoIP telephone systems?

VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol telephone systems have really come on in recent years, and are able to provide all the functionality of a traditional business telephone system but at an extremely lower cost, whilst also adding far greater flexibility.

If you have a reasonably quick internet connection (which Central IT can also provide you with), then you’re able to get phone service delivered via your internet connection rather than a local phone company.

Why switch your business phone system to Voice over IP?

Enjoy corporate grade functionality like call transferring, call recording and many more features – all as standard and at no extra charge.

Calls can be transferred or forwarded to mobile phones allowing you to take your business on the go.

Our customers have saved up to 50% on their monthly phone costs.

You only pay for the handsets, no other expensive hardware or installation is needed.

We can manage the migration of your business telephone numbers quickly and efficiently with no fuss and no downtime or disruptions.

Why choose Central IT to provide your Voice over IP system?

The case for having a VoIP solution implemented in to your business is an easy one, but why should you choose Central IT to do so? We think we can give you a few reasons why below.

So now you're genuinely intrigued in VoIP and its benefits, and you want to know a little more...

Abbreviated Dial

This feature lets you create, manage and use a speed dial list of entries.

Call Park

This feature lets you park a call. Parking a call is similar to placing a call on hold, except that when a call is parked, the associated phone is free for normal use.

Call Transfer

This feature lets you transfer a call to another internal extension or external number.

Call Waiting

This feature lets you suspend one telephone call which is already in progress to accept a second call. You can even switch between these two calls if you want.

Direct Dial In (DDI)

This feature lets external callers to dial an internal extension, allowing them to bypass an operator or auto-attendant.

Do Not Disturb (DND)

This features lets you to block incoming calls on individual handsets and still be able to use other phone features and make calls.

Hunt Groups

This feature lets calls get directed to groups of users for increased call coverage.


This feature lets you make intercom calls from extension-to-extension IP phones with speakers.

Hold Music

This feature lets the system play music, recorded announcements, or silence to any callers on hold.

Night Service

This feature lets you route calls to alternate numbers during non-work hours, such as directly to voice mail.

Call Blocking

This feature lets you permanently reject calls from specific, predefined incoming numbers.


This feature lets you access voice mail with one button via direct dial.

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